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Who We Are

Lynne is a MHRT/CSP certified crisis counselor and was journalist and columnist for a short time. She has been a motivational speaker for at-risk teens in Maine since 2012. She is the founder of #AbortionChat, and has been published in Her Kind Vida, Authors of Tomorrow, the 2007-2010 editions of Zephyr, The Sun Journal, and The Advertiser Democrat. She is a young adult author and has written her memoir about her abortion experience. She frequently attends writing and reproductive health conferences where she attempts to engage people about reproductive justice issues. Lynne has come to the conclusion that the more she interacts with people, the more she loves her dogs.



Alex is a poet, fiction writer, angry Leftist, and future Zombie Apocalypse survivor. He is a graduate of the English and Theater programs at Rollins College, and currently scribbles in Camden, NJ where he is pursuing his MFA through Rutgers University.
Apart from these exploits, Alex enjoys Irish whiskeys, running near-barefoot, lifting heavy metal objects, and yelling at 24-hour news channels like they’re sporting events. Please follow him on Twitter where he’ll be happy to argue with you about way more than just abortion.



Allie is a student at the University of North Carolina where she is studying Women, Gender, and Sexuality. She considers herself a Golden Girls enthusiast, an unapologetic feminist, and prefers to take naps as often as possible.
When not in school, Allie resides in the Outer Banks where she kayaks, hang glides  and does her part to spread awareness for women’s rights.

2 Thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Shannon Cardinal on March 10, 2014 at 9:28 pm said:


    This message is specifically for Lynne, but I just want to congratulate you ladies and gentlemen on all the hard work and moderation it must take to run this site.

    Lynne, we met at the WGS conference at UMaine Augusta a couple days ago and I was telling you about a book I thought might interest you- I just remembered the name. “When She Woke” by Hillary Jordan. It’s a futuristic re-imagination of the Scarlet Letter in which the protagonist gets pregnant via a famous pastor, seeks a back alley abortion in America, where they are once again highly illegal and dangerous, is caught and must have her skin dyed red and her movements monitored. She is in danger every time she steps out in public, and people hate her for her action and the color of her skin. Somehow, she finds an “underground railroad” of feminist sorts that is supposed to take her to Canada, which is much more lax and safe. Does she get there? how does the abortion and stigmitization effect this woman? What could America look like if anti-abortion legislation continues to pass at it’s astonishing pace? This book discusses that. It’s a short, terrifying but ultimately hopeful read.


    Thank you for your presentation and bravery the other day, you did a fantastic job- and it was so nice to run into a fellow activist and UNE alum!


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