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Pregnancy Plan

Do you remember in middle and high school when a sudden fire alarm would go off? You’d leave your backpack, follow the swarms of students, and bask in the fact you got out of class for ten minutes, while you stood outside and waited for the firemen to show up and reset the alarm system?

Your Pregnancy Plan is kind of like that.

The truth is, if your body has the ability to menstruate, you can get pregnant.

Whether you’re having sex or not, if you’re a female, you should seriously sit down and ask yourself, “What would I do if I got pregnant?” Why? It’s kind of like being in class when the fire alarm happens. You get bored because you know what to expect. Plus, if you do start having sex, with a Pregnancy Plan established, a missed period suddenly becomes less scary. A positive pregnancy test becomes less scary. Simply having a Pregnancy Plan helps you prepare for what may happen, whether you’re ready for a child or not.

Outside of that, you can include your partner on your pregnancy plan. That way if the test turns positive, both of you can again have the conversation that’s needed, but both be prepared for the outcome.

One more thing:
Even if you make a Pregnancy Plan, and you think you’ll stick to it, it’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to think, “If I get pregnant, I’ll have an abortion,” or “If I get pregnant, I’ll have a baby.” It’s okay to change your plans. The objective for a Pregnancy Plan is simply to help minimize the fear of what would happen if you got pregnant.

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