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The Monument Quilt

Last week, Jeremy, Emily, and Lynne ventured to Wesleyan University to experience The Monument Quilt. It was the last stop on the quilt’s 13 stop voyage, and it was well worth the 5 hour road trip. Here are some pictures we took while there:

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Cecile Richards and Mike Michaud Rally

In case you haven’t heard the news, our own Lynne Schmidt has been invited to give a speech along side ProChoice activists, supports, and the President of Planned Parenthood. We would love nothing more than if you could come out to Portland on August 27th at 4pm and join in supporting:

Here’s more information.

I’m ProChoice Because __________________


I’m ProChoice because I have a mother, and a sister.

We’re going to do something a little different on the blog this week. Each day, I’m going to post a picture (or two if I feel ambitious) of what people at AWP 14 answered for “I’m Pro__________________ because _________________” Feel free to send us your own pictures (abortionchat at gmail dot com) and we’ll post them either on here, our twitter feed, or ourfacebook page.


I’m ProChoice because my momma said so!

I’m Pro_________ Because _________

We’re going to do something a little different on the blog this week. Each day, I’m going to post a picture (or two if I feel ambitious) of what people at AWP 14 answered for “I’m Pro__________________ because _________________” Feel free to send us your own pictures (abortionchat at gmail dot com) and we’ll post them either on here, our twitter feed, or our facebook page.

I’m ProChoice/Voice because the world will never be black and/or white.


I’m ProChoice because all women deserve the right to choose what she does with her body.


In 2 Days We’ll Be At AWP14

In two days, Lynne and Alex will be headed to the great and beautiful Seattle, Washington with their carry-ons full of goodies:

They will make their way to a registration table at AWP where they will get the magical book, the magical bag, and the magical badge:

Then they will set up a table at booth 20 O and wait for wonderful people like YOU to come introduce yourselves! They will be selling T-shirts with the AbortionChat motto, “Because stories save lives” and will be getting into all sorts of trouble. Drop by, take pictures, share thoughts and stories.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Coping Mechanisms

Something I don’t think we’ve addressed quite enough on this blog is the importance of coping mechanisms. Why are they important? Because if you’re a woman and you’ve just gotten pregnant, you may panic, get angry, get sad, get happy, get….something you don’t quite know what it is, but you sure know you’re feeling. It’s important to be able to process emotions.

Many prolife/antichoice advocates point to the fact that many woman who seek abortion don’t handle it well. And sometimes they don’t, primarily because of poor coping skills (along with a multitude of other stressers.)

So for your enjoyment, here is a small list of coping strategies that may help you, whether you’re male/female/pregnant or whatever else you may be:

*Allow yourself to feel.
If you need to cry but you don’t want to, go somewhere private and allow yourself to. I’ve read articles that state hormones are released when you cry, which is why sometimes you feel better afterward. If you’re angry, allow yourself to be angry, but also address why you’re angry.


*Go for a walk/run/bike/dog walk
Fresh air can do wonders for your emotional state. Even if it’s just sitting outside and closing your eyes, that helps, too.

Sometimes, burying your head in a pillow and screaming until you can’t any more helps. Sometimes sitting in your car and screaming until you can’t anymore helps. Your throat may be sore after, but hey, there’s always tea for that, right?

*Petting Pets
If your pets are anything like mine, they like to snuggle and be loved. Just having the contact with something fluffy and nice feeling may help you feel better.


*Sing. As loud as you can.


The bottom line is that there are many things you can do to help yourself feel better. If the feelings aren’t going away, perhaps seeing a counselor or therapist may help. Your priority no matter who you are needs to be your mental and physical health.

Make sure you take care of you.

Something to Consider

The ProLife or AntiChoice community commonly talks about abortion as the murdering, or severing of infants. This, I’d imagine stems from the surgical option for abortion.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. What do ProLife/AntiChoice advocates think about abortion by pill? From my understanding, there are two pills; the first stops the fetus from developing while the second is what essentially causes a miscarriage. A fetus, then, is not being “ripped apart limb by limb” but rather literally expelled from the body, the same way a period expels the excess tissue.

Another little tid-bit is that the abortion pill can only be administered for a certain amount of time. It’s early into the pregnancy, while surgical abortions can be obtained for much, much longer (while increasing the risk to the pregnant woman).

Any thoughts on this?


Tomorrow in Portland, Maine a hearing is being held to potentially establish a patient safety zone near the town’s Planned Parenthood. In honor of this (and the fact power is being unreliable tonight), we will be posting the blog tomorrow.

Also, don’t forget about #AbortionChat on Twitter tomorrow night. 9:15 EST.

Holding People Accountable

This week, a freshmen in high school tweeted about a boy slapping her on the ass and running down the hallway. “Don’t ever fucking touch me again,” she tweeted.

I asked her later if she told a teacher or reported it to anyone. She said she didn’t, and that she wouldn’t because she was afraid of the backlash it’d cause; the guy being more of a jerk, his friends accosting her, her own friends turning on her.

We live in a society where if a woman gets raped, it’s her fault. She was too drunk, too stoned, she wasn’t wearing enough clothing, she was flirting with the guy. The bottom line is that we have to stop these things before they start. We have to hold boys and men accountable when they cross lines.

Beyond that, women and young girls have to start standing up for themselves. We should no longer stay silent when a coworker touches us inappropriately, looks at us, or when a classmate grabs our butts. We deserve respect. We deserve to let people know that we are breaking out of the rape culture that’s been shoved down our throats since we were born.

Our advice this week here at AbortionChat is to stand up for yourself. Never back down.

Labor Day

As Labor Day was yesterday, we took this week off. We may have news next week! In the meantime, feel free to go through our archives!