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Abortion Clinic

By: Stephanie Renae Johnson 


Pictures of curled fetuses line the Winnebago,

as do paintings of Jesus

holding out his arms like class war doesn’t exist.


Well-intentioned young men look like the carpenter

as they help their sisters, girlfriends, wives, women

into the clinic and away from the shame bus.


“Don’t go in there, we can help you!”

But the closer the woman steps to the building

the more the threats rhyme with blood.


These girls, they stare at the asphalt.

Those women, they focus on their running shoes with intent to put them to use.

One foot after the other leads them closer to sound proof walls.


The protesters pump their signs up and down, puncturing the sky.

I wonder if God himself might have pierced feet

from walking on the carpet of poster boards proclaiming abortion as a sin.


The double edged sword is a Bible run South

of no birth control and no abortions

and no freedom of peace to walk in a clinic




as a woman.



Stephanie Renae Johnson
is a feminist, writer, and artist. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Writing at Lenior-Rhyne University and works as a freelance writer, editor, and personal artist’s assistant. Stephanie’s work has appeared in literary magazines such as Prick of the Spindle and Danse Macabre, as well as on her art blog, DaBlobBlog.

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