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Good evening all,

I know that I’m rarely the one to post up around here, but I wanted to offer a little bit of an explanation for this site, particularly to those of you who log in and check up on us regularly. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been at work setting up this, our new WordPress-powered, Bluehost-hosted “.org”-having site. No more Blogspot, and I’ve set things up so even looking us up there will redirect you right here.

Now obviously I couldn’t have timed this better, as I’m sure all of our wonderful new friends from AWP are logging in and checking us out. Over the next few days and weeks, I hope to have gone through each and every one of our previous posts and ensure that they are properly formatted and as gorgeous as they were on the old site. It might get buggy for a bit though, so I appreciate your patience (also, any bug reports can be shot directly to me either in the comments below or preferably via Twitter at @A_X_Ruiz).

We’re glad to see you here, and love and appreciate you all. Our commitment to delivering quality articles, new stories, and everything you’ve come to expect from us has never been stronger, and we hope that you’ll enjoy this new platform just as much if not more than the old site. It’s just one more step for us on this whole “taking-over-the-world” thing we’ve been working on.

My best to you all, remember to stay safe, communicate and use those contraceptives!


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