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Something to Consider

The ProLife or AntiChoice community commonly talks about abortion as the murdering, or severing of infants. This, I’d imagine stems from the surgical option for abortion.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. What do ProLife/AntiChoice advocates think about abortion by pill? From my understanding, there are two pills; the first stops the fetus from developing while the second is what essentially causes a miscarriage. A fetus, then, is not being “ripped apart limb by limb” but rather literally expelled from the body, the same way a period expels the excess tissue.

Another little tid-bit is that the abortion pill can only be administered for a certain amount of time. It’s early into the pregnancy, while surgical abortions can be obtained for much, much longer (while increasing the risk to the pregnant woman).

Any thoughts on this?

3 Thoughts on “Something to Consider

  1. Thank you for your honest questions, Lynne. I would like to answer them as someone who is part of the ProLife/AntiChoice community, although I believe that both of these labels are misleading. I have never met anyone who is not ProLife when it comes to human beings living outside of the womb, and the truth is that the term “AntiChoice” could be applied to anyone as we are all anti-choice about something whether it be abortion, rape, child abuse, slavery or murder. Like you I defend the human liberty to choose what we will do with our lives and our bodies, but like you I also believe that there are some choices that humans should not be allowed to make. Where the true difference lies then is not in whether we are pro-choice or anti-choice in general but in whether we are pro-choice or anti-choice about abortion specifically.
    The reason I am not pro-choice about abortion, be it medical (by pill) or surgical, is because it destroys life, even if it is life at its very earliest stages. The abortion pill and the morning-after pill were designed to terminate unwanted human life, the first doing so by cutting off the supply of blood and nutrients to the developing embryo, the second by irritating the lining of the uterus so that an embryo will not be able to implant. Like you say, abortion by pill does not sever or “rip apart” an infant, but it still kills a developing human being. Although medical abortions must be obtained very early in a pregnancy, the scientific fact is that a sperm cell can reach and fertilize an egg cell mere minutes after intercourse. This newly fertilized egg contains a unique genetic code such that this tiny person’s eye and hair color, skin tone, adult height, fingerprints, and gender have already been determined. In short, even the youngest embryo is a boy or a girl and contains absolutely all of the genetic information that makes each of us who we are (physically) as human beings! What the body expels as a result of taking one of these pills is not “excess tissue” but a living human person who will never exist again.
    Apart from the scientific aspect, as a Christian I also believe that these small people were created by God and possess souls just as you and I do. All people are created, loved and infinitely valued by God from the very youngest to the very oldest, and none of us has the right to end the life of one of these precious people, no matter what method is used.
    I hope that these answers are helpful and would be interested to hear what others think about them.

  2. I understand what you’re saying but at the same time, it sounds like you’re saying life begins at fertilization. In which case, you’re calling many periods miscarriages. A fertilized egg may or may not implant into the uterine wall. Plan B (the morning after pill) helps to assure no attachment. A pregnancy, then, cannot begin at fertilization because sperm meeting egg does not equal all the steps needed to procure a pregnancy. A period may still occur. To have women believe that each period may be a miscarriage is damaging.

    As far as abortion, pill or surgical is considered, I personally feel that only a woman knows what is best for her body, her baby, and her current situation. I personally NEVER, NEVER want to have a child. I would never force someone into morning sickness, breast tenderness, swollen limbs, or anything else that comes with pregnancy.

  3. We (my wife Courtney and I are writing these comments together) would like to respond with a pro-life argument, but facts all by themselves, said impersonally, are cold. We read the section of your blog titled “Why Chat?” and the excerpts from your memoir about your abortion and “Early Years,” and we were moved by your painful experiences. You said you grew up going to church camp and studying the Bible, but now it seems like you’ve left all of that behind, maybe because the Christianity you encountered didn’t speak into the pain and hardship of real life. Would you tell us more of your story, particularly why you no longer call yourself a Christian, if that is true?

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