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Something to Consider

The ProLife or AntiChoice community commonly talks about abortion as the murdering, or severing of infants. This, I’d imagine stems from the surgical option for abortion.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. What do ProLife/AntiChoice advocates think about abortion by pill? From my understanding, there are two pills; the first stops the fetus from developing while the second is what essentially causes a miscarriage. A fetus, then, is not being “ripped apart limb by limb” but rather literally expelled from the body, the same way a period expels the excess tissue.

Another little tid-bit is that the abortion pill can only be administered for a certain amount of time. It’s early into the pregnancy, while surgical abortions can be obtained for much, much longer (while increasing the risk to the pregnant woman).

Any thoughts on this?

Announcement: Abortion Stigma Busting Video Competition!

Really…?! Abortion Stigma Busting Video Competition
Push back against anti-abortion extremism with your video!

The Abortion Care Network is sponsoring the first-ever video competition to show the world how people feel about the current climate of extreme anti-abortion legislation and societal stigma against abortion. “We are looking for all kinds of videos, from personal stories to pro choice activism, from direct calling out of anti-choice legislators to flashmob actions, as long it busts current stigma against abortion,” according to Peg Johnston, coordinator of the event. “Video is an important tool in changing attitudes and giving voice to those who have been silenced.”

Videos must be no longer than 3 minutes but very short videos using applications such as Vines or Instagram area also eligible. There are three $200 Judge’s Choice awards and three Honorable Mentions. $100 of the award will go to the individual and $100 will go to the winner’s abortion fund of choice. Videos will be shown at Abortion Care Network’s conferences, embedded on related websites, and used for promotional purposes by ACN.

"They pointed signs and me, and warned me I’d regret my decision"

Here is another small snippet of a woman’s testimony:

"Every Weekend, I Watch People’s Rights be Violated"

Last night, I attended the Patient Safety Zone meeting. For the next few days, I will be posting short snippets of what audience members had to say to the committee about trying to establish a 39-foot patient safety zone around Planned Parenthood. About 40 people spoke in support of the ordinance. Not a single voice of opposition was heard.

People spoke of threats, intimidation, fear. In the end we have to ask ourselves, why would humans treat other humans this poorly?


Tomorrow in Portland, Maine a hearing is being held to potentially establish a patient safety zone near the town’s Planned Parenthood. In honor of this (and the fact power is being unreliable tonight), we will be posting the blog tomorrow.

Also, don’t forget about #AbortionChat on Twitter tomorrow night. 9:15 EST.

Stories that Stay

On our twitter feed today, someone posted this video. Because we love sharing stories, this is now our today’s post: