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We’re On The Move!

We interupt your regularly scheduled posts to make this announcement:

It’s official!

AbortionChat has started spreading to college campuses!

We’re sending out emails to student organizations and universities which house Women and Gender studies programs.

If you’re interested in having us come to your school, please send us an email at:
abortionchat (at) gmail (dot) com

In the meantime, if we come to your school, what would you like us to talk about? Do you want to know what an abortion procedure is like? Do you want us to share abortion stories (our own or someone else’s)? We have our ideas, but we want to hear from you!

Also, our pretty new business cards came in today:

Tune in next week for more stories!

One Thought on “We’re On The Move!

  1. This is wonderful Lynne, congratulations!

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