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If Abortion Becomes Illegal

As a woman living in the United States, I have lived a privileged life. I’ve had an education, not only high school, but college. I have a job where I wear pants. If I don’t like that job, I can find another. I can curse like a sailor, pick fights with men, and if the time calls for it, obtain an abortion.

However, the @AbortionChat twitter feed, and my own personal feed, is constantly under attack with threats of Roe v Wade being repealed. Of abortion becoming a felony, of the right to having an abortion just **PUFF** disappear.

Here are some things to consider if abortion becomes illegal:

*Women who do not want to BE pregnant, will not STAY pregnant.

I’ve met women who say they will end their lives, risk their lives, and go through extremes to end a pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I considered suicide rather than abortion, too. I also considered knitting needles, coat hangers, having someone hit me with a baseball bat in the stomach.

I’ve heard stories from other women. We all know what happened before Roe v Wade with botched abortions, and women dying from sepsis. We’ve also heard more recently about Savita and how her LIFE could have been saved if they’d given her an abortion.

*How will you know she’s pregnant?

My period was late. My stomach felt weird. I didn’t enjoy the same foods I had enjoyed. I had an awful craving for Dr. Pepper from a fountain. I don’t even like soda. Still, I delayed testing. And I delayed testing. And I delayed testing. I knew I
was pregnant beyond a doubt. Still, I refused to take a test. No one knew I was pregnant until I made the calls, sobbing on the phone.

If abortion becomes illegal, how will you know this woman obtained an abortion? How can you say that she is pregnant? Unless the government somehow mandates pregnancy tests, or logs of sexual activity and menstrual cycles, it is nearly impossible to know when a woman is pregnant early on. Typically, most abortions occur in the first trimester. So, unless you intend to violate a woman on nearly every level, it’s probably best to respect the privacy of her body.

*If she is pregnant, what can you do?

Say every single Planned Parenthood and abortion provider closes. A woman is pregnant. Will the government force her to not drink energy drinks? Will she not be allowed to snowboard? Will she be allowed to drink?

As previously stated, a woman who does not want to be pregnant will not stay pregnant. If somehow she is forced to stay pregnant, will she still be allowed to live her life?

*If she miscarries, will she be punished?

A miscarriage is the body’s way to abort a fetus. For many women, it is traumatizing, and incredibly sad. Yet, the woman was pregnant. She is no longer. To some it may look like she’d had an abortion, so what then? What will happen to the woman who attempted to carry her pregnancy, who wanted a child, and whose body rejected the tissue inside her?

*What about Plan B, contraceptives, and other forms of birth control?

I feel like that question speaks for itself.

If not, consider this. Plan B is taken when the condom breaks, in cases of rape, or in another way birth control may fail. How will people judge ‘pregnancy’ if abortion is illegal? Is it the moment after the man ejaculates inside a woman? Is it the morning after?

*What about cases of rape?

In her article last week, Jacqueline Mitchell wrote:

I firmly believe that to force anyone to carry a child conceived by incest or rape is a second rape, a rape of the soul; and that forcing a baby to have a baby tells the brutalised child quite graphically that they are worthless, and unworthy of protection.

But if abortion is considered illegal, rape victims, incest victims, and a plethora of other women will be forced into carrying a pregnancy they may rather do without.

This is a small list. I could go on for days about the ways illigalizing abortion could make the world a very scary place to a woman. But just read this small list. Consider what would happen IF it happened.

This is why I fight for women’s rights.

What about you?

2 Thoughts on “If Abortion Becomes Illegal

  1. It becomes a slippery slope, that’s for sure.

  2. Yes, it is one of many reasons I fight for women’s rights, and her right to choose.

    Consider this as well: How many deeply traumatised women and girls would want to/ be able to go through the examinations and interrogations necessary if abortions were only available due to rape and/or incest? How many would be rejected because they didn’t appear sincere enough, or traumatised enough? How safe would they be when you consider that in THIRTY ONE states rapists have parental rights and could (and CAN) combat a woman’s right to have an abortion if the rapist (including those guilty of incestuous rape) decides they want to raise the child.

    Ah yes, a very slippery and evil slope.

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